Texas CDL Requirements

  • You must be a Texas resident with a valid Texas Operators license
  • You will need a medical card (DOT physical)
  • A fee of $61.00 will be paid at the driver license office

The following computer based tests must be passed at the driver license office.

  • Texas Commercial Rules
  • CDL General Knowledge
  • Combination Vehicle (For Class A)
  • Air Brake
  • Any applicable endorsement exams.

After completion of the written tests you will be required to take a road test.

Your road test will include the following

  • You will supply a vehicle of the same class as your license test
  • This vehicle must have the following documents for the truck & trailer
  • Current insurance
  • Current registration
  • Current vehicle inspection report
  • The vehicle will be subjected to a safety inspection by the examiner prior to your test.
  • You will perform the Pre-Trip Inspection for the examiner
  • You will perform a straight line back, a parallel park & an offset back.
  • You will drive with the examiner for your skills test.